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Does Acupuncture Really Work?

Whenever I go out and I’m in some sort of casual setting (out to dinner, at the gym, at the bank, a party, etc….) I like to strike up conversations with people. During the conversations, the topic of “so, what do you do” inevitably comes up. After I say “I’m an acupuncturist” one of the next questions I get asked is “Does that actually work?” The short answer is yes.

I’m not sure what kind of answer they’re expecting, but somehow a simple yes doesn’t seem to fit. Maybe they’re expecting some type of acupuncture insider information as I check to see if anybody else is listening , lean in and whisper, “it’s all a lie. We’ve been fooling people for thousands of years.” However, that would be a lie, because Acupuncture does work. Quite well actually. It’s endorsed by the National Health Institute and the World Health Organization. Some of the top universities in the world have done research on acupuncture and reported positive findings. Many amazing universities here in the US have actually set up programs to do continuing research on the efficacy of acupuncture.

Acupuncture is often grouped into the alternative healthcare category. In reality, once it’s accepted by mainstream medicine, it ceases to be alternative anymore. Pretty much every insurance company (Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Healthnet, Kaiser) now covers acupuncture. The VA hospitals and even the US military bases are hiring acupuncturists to work in their hospitals.

Anyway, of course acupuncture works. It just seems like a strange question to ask someone if what they do for a living is legitimate. Think about any other profession and ask what it would be like if someone questioned if it really worked. Acupuncture works for a very wide range of conditions. The side effects are minimal and it’s a safe and effective modality for treating a variety of conditions.

In my practice, some of the most common conditions treated are pain (back, neck, knees, etc…), migraines, stress, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, addiction and women’s health.

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