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Migraine Causes and Finding Relief

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Millions of Americans are plagued with migraine headaches and they seem to be getting more common all the time. Maybe I wasn’t as aware of it or maybe the diagnosis wasn’t as common, but I feel that 20 years ago we didn’t hear about migraines that often. Now it’s rampant!!! Are we overworked, too stressed, poor diet or is it because of all the chemicals we’re exposed to???

So, what causes migraine headaches? Well, your brain doesn’t actually feel pain, so the pain has to come from another source. The major reasons for migraines can be attributed to the following causes:

  • Restricted blood flow

  • A bone out of alignment in the neck

  • Hormone imbalance

  • Muscle tension

  • Sinus pressure

People often think that certain smells, sounds or bright lights can cause migraines, but they're only triggers. There can be many different triggers, but they’re not the true cause of the migraine.

One of the reasons acupuncture can be extremely effective in treating migraines is that it helps alleviate all those possible migraine causes. Acupuncture helps to drain sinus pressure, relax muscle tension and improve blood flow. Reducing muscle tension allows bones to move back into place. Acupuncture is also wonderful at helping to balance hormone levels.

Our clinic has treated over 30,000 patients and helped hundreds (possibly a thousand) of patients find lasting relief from their migraines. While some get permanent complete relief, almost all of them (95%) get a reduction in intensity, frequency and duration in their migraine headaches. We’ve had patients go from having daily migraines, that were debilitating in nature, to only getting a mild headache every so often. We’ve also treated patients that have had continuous migraines, that have lasted months, and helped them become 100% pain free.

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