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Acupuncture and Knee Pain

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Knee pain is horrible!!! Well, most pain is horrible, but knee pain is one of those things that can really affect your life and your activities of daily living. If you’re an active person, knee pain can severely limit the amount and/or types of sports you can do. It can definitely sideline a person from playing soccer, baseball or just about anything that involves running or squatting.

Then there’s the non-athlete. What about the person that just needs to go to work, go shopping, take care of the kids, get in and out of the car, climb stairs at home, etc....? When knee pain starts taking over your life, not only is the pain a huge factor, but the restrictions on what you can do can be very depressing.

So, why not try some acupuncture treatments? We’ve treated hundreds of patients with knee pain. In some cases, the patient didn’t have any cartilage left in the knee, so the treatment only provided very temporary or limited relief. In fact, if a patient asks us about getting acupuncture for knee pain and they’ve had a MRI and they know there’s no cartilage, we’ll let them know the limitations of our treatments. In other patients there were major tears in the ligaments and no amount of treatments were going to make them grow back together. For a majority of our patients, they find lasting pain relief and improved knee function. Many patients have claimed they found the same amount of relief from a single acupuncture treatment as they did from getting cortisone injections.

The number and the frequency of treatments a patient needs varies. We don’t have a

“cookie-cutter” formula for determining how often or how many treatments a patient will need. We take each patient case by case and let them know the projected treatments and frequency. that way we’re all on the same page. So, each patient's case is looked at individually and evaluated to determine the proper course of treatments. However, we do expect improvements, so the first thing we do is set an early time frame for a re-evaluation. Generally in about 2-3 weeks from the initial treatment. We want to make sure we’re getting the results the patient wants. Our goal is always to meet and exceed our patients expectations.

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