Chinese Herbs

Whether you suffer from a chronic condition or are battling a cold or the flu, Chinese herbal therapy may be helpful. In our experience, most patients respond well to Chinese herbal formulas.

An increasing number of scientific studies attest to the efficacy of Chinese herbs for inhibiting a variety of diseases, among them hot flashes, pain relief, insomnia, migraines, women's health, stress and anxiety.

In acute (short-term) cases, you can expect a change in your condition in one to three days. In the case of a cold or the flu, you may feel better the same day. With a chronic condition – which often lasts years before you come to us for help – it may take a bit longer before you start feeling better. In chronic cases, we recommend taking the medication for several months. That’s because we treat the root cause of your disease; we want to stop the condition from progressing or even cure it completely.


Unlike most Western medicines, traditional Chinese herbal medicines use a combination of herbs tailored specifically to the individual treated. The formulas, which may contain roots, bark, seeds, flowers, leaves and branches, can include more than a dozen herbs. The herbs have different functions: Some directly address the disease. Others assist the main herbs, treat co-existing conditions, reduce side effects or direct the therapy to a particular part of the body.

At Inner Balance Acupuncture, we use natural herbs exclusively, from sources we believe provide the best herbs anywhere. We also cross-check – and then double-check – to make sure the herbs we prescribe aren’t likely to interact with any medications you are already taking.