Many of Inner Balance Acupuncture’s patients have taken to the internet to post their reviews. Thank you to all the patients that have helped spread the good word about their success using acupuncture and Chinese medicine. You can see some of these reviews by going to the following Google, Yelp and Citysearch sites.

Five days before I was supposed to go on a camping trip with my sons, I got a terrible pain in my neck and upper back.  The pain was so bad, I was debating whether to cancel the trip or not.  Medication and chiropractic treatment didn’t help.  The day before I was to leave on the trip, I saw Bret for an acupuncture treatment (my last resort).  To my surprise the pain was almost gone by the end of the treatment.  I was a skeptic before, but now, not only do I believe in its healing effects, I’ll choose acupuncture first.  Thanks Bret.

Mark P.
I've been able to put off knee surgery for years by doing acupuncture.  Both of my knees were in constant pain and the doctors said I would need to have surgery on both knees.  Now I have no pain in the right knee and only a little pain (in one spot) in the left knee.  I can feel the difference every time I get in my car as I leave from my appointment.

Frank F.
Bret is so great at what he does!  I could not believe the results that I got.  My neck was bothering me for a month and caused me to have daily headaches.  After my first acupuncture treatment with Bret, I felt such incredible relief.  I could finally move my neck and my head did not hurt.  I left his office with a big smile on my face!  I have since been going regularly to keep everything in good shape.  I look forward to the appointment all week.  I highly recommend Bret and acupuncture!

Heidi B.
I’m not sure where to begin - acupuncture was a foreign concept to me, something that was supposed to work for other people, not on me...needles terrify me!  A friend recommended I see Bret about the nagging pains in my back and frequent headaches.  I am a faithful advocate of chiropractic work but it just wasn't taking care of all of the pain and stress in my life.  Bret has an amazing sense for knowing exactly what my body needs on every visit within the first 5 minutes.  His calming demeanor and gentle manner alleviated all of the fears that I built up before I arrived.  I would highly recommend Inner Balance Acupuncture and Bret Ellington for alleviation of your pain management and stress.  I now have a standing appointment every 2 weeks and will not let anything get in the way of my treatments!

Paul M.
I am so jazzed to have crossed paths with this excellent health care provider.  He puts your mind at ease with the work he does and how life changing acupuncture has been for me.  My job is EXTREMELY demanding with the dynamic range of things we have to screen for in women in pregnancy and I have become overcome with grief and sadness from it.  Bret is not only a good listener, he allows the patient to work through things in this amazing practice he provides.  Keep up the excellent work Bret!‎

Julie B.

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