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Health care and nutrition should go hand in hand.

Through years in practice, our clinic has grow to include nutritional care for all our patients. Even if a patient is coming in for a pain related injury, it’s important they get the proper nutrients to rebuild the muscles or  injured joint. We have many patient who have come in to the clinic with a small bag of different supplements they take on a regular basis. In some cases we find that although they are taking some good supplements, their digestive system isn’t able to properly break down and absorb these nutrients. We believe a proper and thorough nutritional evaluation should be done on every patient to give them the best care available.


“That is one of the biggest mistakes that medical science has ever made: to provide drugs to people who are starving. A starving man doesn’t need drugs. He needs food. And if he gets food he recovers. If he gets drugs, he doesn’t.” – Dr Royal Lee

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Real nutrition should come from food, not from a laboratory.

With concerns of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) and over farming of our soil, concerns of proper nutrition seem to be escalating. Since our food’s are losing many of their nutrients, this is a very real and serious concern. Although eating a whole food organic diet is great, quite often there are years of poor diet that need to be made up for.

Our clinic only sells organic, whole-food based supplements. We have a pharmacy of hundreds of these natural supplements that can be tailored to your personal needs. Since most illnesses can be rooted to a nutritional deficiency, it only makes sense that nutrition can get you well again.

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