Fire Cupping

Our Orange County Acupuncture clinic offers as many holistic treatment options as we can to our patients. Cupping or Chinese fire cupping is a modality used, in Traditional Oriental Medicine, to detox the body and relieve pain.

Creating a suction, glass cups are placed on the patients back.

16 year old Olympic swimmer from China, Wang Qun, who had cupping done 2 days before competition in the 2008 Olympics.

Cupping is extremely effective in helping to treat chronic back pain. I recommend using it along with your acupuncture treatments for maximum relief.

There are two different ways cupping can be performed.

  1. Stationary Cupping – An example of this is the picture above. Numerous cups are placed on specific acupuncture points or areas of tightness on the back. This is used mainly as detoxification and removing stagnation in the body.
  2. Sliding Cupping – Massage oil is applied to the back and then only 1 or 2 cups are placed on the back. Then the practitioner slowly glides the cups over the patients back. This is a fantastic myofascial release and in my opinion is far more effective than a deep tissue massage.

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